Big bonanza – we have won the lottery! Opportunities are endless.

Canada’s top ranking in US News quality of life ratings puts it in the same league with all the other countries in the top ten. (Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Netherlands) Many of our members have visited most of them. The cultural and linguistic differences can be enormous; the quality of life is similar.

The worst on the list of the 167 countries studied are Chad, Central African Republic, Eritrea and Somalia. The best that the citizens of those countries can do is to move to one of the top 10.

There, opportunities abound.

Yet the average investor earned about a half of what the US stock market has produced over the last 200 years! (See Dalbar Inc.) To see the reasons for that, go here and here and here.

If investors buy an exchange-traded fund that tracks the US market  and then sit in their rocking chairs, they will equal that market.

Straightforward, effective, evidence-based.

With the habits encouraged by the Monday Morning program, luck hardly matters.

Good luck!


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