Introductory Letter


Is it different this time?

How can we position our portfolios to protect us against a drawdown (peak to trough market drop)? Join the Monday Morning Millionaire Program and read Protecting Against Market Drawdown.

Investors should have “core and explore” portfolios in proportion to their risk tolerance while conservative investors only need the “core”.

The chart below shows our actual “explore” portfolio performance for the month of November 2017.

The straight-line represents 4 per cent growth, the top line shows our actual explore portfolio, the middle line is the S&P 500 and the bottom blue dashes line shows Toronto Stock Exchange Index.  For details, join the Monday Morning Millionaire Program and read Selling Puts in and upcoming issue.

Next week, we will discuss how investors can assess their risk tolerance.

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Dr. Milan Somborac

The Monday Morning Millionaire Program supports do-it-yourself (DIY) investors which I have been for over 50 years. About my team and me