U.S., China Dig In for Long Trade War

No one deals well with uncertainty. A degree of uncertainty has always been a characteristic of investing; the trade war between the United States and China which started on Friday, July 6, after midnight Eastern Standard Time in the US, has elevated uncertainty to a new high for most investors. Not so for Monday Morning Millionaire Program members. Further along, we will see why.

This blog title is based on a headline from the Friday, July 6 Wall Street Journal article.

The New York Times headline dealing with this issue screams: “Trump’s Trade War Against China is Officially Underway“.

The Guardian headline calls it “the biggest trade war in history”.

“The U.S.-China trade war has begun”, shouts the Washington Post in its headline.

And so on.  This is the story of the day in every major business publication. The valve of the usual fire-hydrant-flow of information, much of it conflicting, is now wide open.

Should investors start exiting the market? 

A wealthy, stock market investor friend says: “At times like these I sleep like a baby. I wake up and cry all night.”

How do Monday Morning Millionaire Program members sleep? As babies should – soundly, all night.

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Dr. Milan Somborac

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