Stock Pickers Are Struggling to Beat the Market

Stock Pickers Are Struggling to Beat the Market

The above headline appeared in the December 31, 2021 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

The article stated: “Some 85% of active U.S. stock funds were on pace to underperform the S&P 500 this year.”

Looking over a time period longer than one year, the results are even worse. Few people achieve satisfactory investment results. For the reason why that this is so, go here and here and here.

That investors on the average cannot outperform investors on the average is a mathematical certainty. How could it be otherwise?

The fact that active stock funds get any subscribers at all, is testimony to the power of marketing. Their marketing states that they are pros and we amateurs need them. We wrote about that recently.

Stay with the Monday Morning Program and outperform the majority of pros. A high school student could learn the program in less than one hour.

Most “pros” would serve society better if they drove cabs or flipped hamburgers.

With the habits of the Monday morning program, luck hardly matters. Good luck!


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