Comparing active vs. passive investing for evidence-based best results

The above chart was recently published by S&P Dow Jones Indices. Not news to Monday Morning members, it supports the second of the six habits of Monday Morning Millionaires, namely, be a self-directed (do-it-yourself investor).

Certainly, money managers can equal the S&P 500. After all, we can teach a high school student how to do that. But they do need to buy groceries and pay the rent. Their clients pay for that so, understandably, matching the S&P 500 after their fees  is exceedingly difficult to do consistently.

Warren Buffet’s mentor, Benjamin Graham, stated “To achieve satisfactory investment results is easier than most people realize.” Graham is considered by many to be the father of security analysis. His respected book, Security Analysis, co-authored with David Dodd, was published in 1934 and is still in print.

He made the above statement before the S&P 500 existed and before exchange-traded funds tracking it, were in place. With these tools now available, he would say, “To achieve satisfactory investment results is much easier than most people realize.”

Few people achieve satisfactory investment results. For the reason that this is so, go here and here and here.

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