Stocks quick plunge! Worst week since June! How to make money, regardless.

The latest headlines are depressing. But what we describe in this post will offset the gloom.

As we frequently state, the Monday Morning Program recommends passive investing.  Earlier, we spoke about our aggressive, high risk-tolerance member who is not into that approach to investing. In late August/early September, she lost over $200,000 in short order by buying Novavax (NVAX) near its peak ($174.39) to allow her to sell covered calls on the shares.

Each Monday after that, she wrote more covered calls on NVAX, receiving between $12,000 to $18,000 premium income each week. We will show each of her transactions in a future post.

What are her plans now?

She might make over $14,000 before breakfast today! In a falling market! That is more than she ever netted in any week during her career as a dentist.

This post seems like charlatan writing, but any of our members can do what follows. Multiply or divide the relevant numbers to fit your case and go for it.

Here is what she did and what she plans to do.

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