When do you expect your life to return to some sense of normalcy? June 25, 2021 survey results

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On Friday, June 25, 2021, we asked our members and subscribers: “When do you expect your life to return to some sense of normalcy?”

You can see the results below.

“When do you expect your life to return to some sense of normalcy?”
Two months 19.4%
Six months 27.8%
One year 16.7%
Two years 8.3%
I don’t expect things will ever return to the pre-pandemic normal. 27.8%


From M. S. DDS, Ontario, Canada

  • Vaccine development is faster than ever.
  • Global virtual meetings will be common.
  • Digital literacy is at an all-time high.
  • Working from home part time will change the way we use buildings.
  • International cooperation will be the new normal.


From T. M. DDS, Ontario, Canada

A new normal will emerge that will be close but not exactly  the pre-pandemic normal, especially in the travel and tourism sector.


From T. B., CEO of a Canadian dental services supplier company

Work pattern has permanently changed – for the better. Lifestyle permanently changed – will not international travel other than US.


From C. K. DDS, Mission, BC, Canada

Post vaccine issues and the ensuing fallout will prevent a return to ‘normal’.


From J. H. DDS, New York City, New York, USA

Already is normal.


From M. Q. DDS, MAGD, Maryland, USA

We have already return to some sense of normalcy.  All four (us and 2 college kids) in household are in healthcare and have been vaccinated since Jan-Mar 2021.  We continued to enjoy restaurants since they reopened 5/2020.  We traveled to Florida 2x.  None of us ever tested positive.


From J. S. DDS, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

We live in Florida. Our lives have been normal for 6 months


From M. R., Pres. of a major music shop, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For music, music teaching, the outlook  is bleak especially if the 4th and 5th wave comes.


From B. C. DDS, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

Our debt will be a drag for generations.



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