Sunday, September 12. How our fearless, intrepid investor made out last week and what she plans now

Our fearless, intrepid investor’s Novavax (NVAX) shares were called away on Friday, September 3. Since the premiums on NVAX are so good, she decided to stay in the game and bought 1,100 shares, which cost her $285,746.89.

As you see below, NVAX shares dropped during the week bringing the value of her shares to $227,078.16. That is, she sustained a loss of $29,492.74. ($285,746.89 minus $227,078.16)

Writing covered calls on a declining security benefits investors.

She earned a premium of $11,319.00 which reduced the current losses from $29,492.74 to $18,173.74.  ($29,492.74 minus $11,319.00)

Like most portfolios not investing within the guidelines of the six habits which the Monday Morning program promotes, her “fun” portfolio is not doing well compared to a typical Monday Morning portfolio. (See SPIVA for evidence-based claims.)

Her plan for Monday, September 13?

As you can see below, MorningStar analysts estimate that NVAX is fairly valued now.


Accordingly, she plans

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