SPIVA®; S&P Indices Versus Active

The Monday Morning Millionaire Program promotes passive investing.  Our survey  shows that 37% of our members spend 15 minutes per week managing their portfolio(s) and another 45% spend less than one hour.

Active investors can spend TEN HOURS a day or more, managing theirs!

Over the course of 10 years, fewer than 5% of actively managed portfolios do as well as the Monday Morning Millionaire Program.

There is not a single evidence-based report which shows that the small percentage of actively managed portfolios which do outperform, can do so persistently.

For many, active investing is fun; it might even slow down age-related cognitive decline. It is possible to outperform the market using the methods of active investing, but the odds are extremely poor.

I keep trying, but I only do so in my “fun” portfolio which represents only 5% of my stock market assets.

Compared to my core portfolio, my “fun” portfolio has not been a whole lot of fun.

For positive investing results, passive investing is far better most of the time.

Detailed Explanation

If you want a detailed explanation of the short block above, see Larry Swedroe’s January 07, 2019 article

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