Question and answer about how Canadian savers should invest

On September 28, 2022, from an Aurora, Ontario dentist

As a Canadian investor, would you suggest I purchase something like “XUS” instead of “IVV”?

Our answer


“XUS” instead of “IVV” is fine. Their charts are identical, as you can see above. However, history shows that investing in the US market has produced the best results.

Governments can rarely give us something that they have not taken away from us in the first place. First, they devalue whatever they took from us by management and handling.

But in 2005, the Canadian government did give Canadian savers a wonderful gift. They removed foreign content restrictions in registered accounts.

Except for a few brief periods, the US market has done much better than the Canadian market. We encourage our members to stay in the US market, in American funds at all times.

Over the last decade, the Canadian market is up 129.13%. The US market is up 214.03%!

What about the next decade?

Confucius said that we should study the past if we would define the future.

Luck hardly matters with the habits of the Monday Morning Program.

Good luck!



Dr. Milan Somborac

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