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I have been receiving literature from a company called The VectorVest Smart Investor- who claim to beat the S&P handily for the last 30 years. Have you heard of them? Are their claims valid? They have developed a software package that apparently offers amazing results for regular investors.
May we have your comments, please? 

Monday Morning Millionaire Program Answer:

Selling any system that works, immediately makes it less profitable. However, aggressively selling it rather than using it can make money for the vendors. The VectorVest Smart Investor software package might be of some value to people who pick stocks, an approach which the Monday Morning Millionaire Program recommends against. It can take an enormous amount of time and over the course of a decade, more than 90% of portfolios built on stock picking methods fail to equal an exchange-traded fund which mirrors the S&P 500 index. Indexing has impressive third-party validation in academic investment literature. Stock picking systems don’t.
Dr. Milan Somborac

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