Puts and calls survey results and the outcome of selling Novavax puts and calls

Our October 1 survey asked two questions of members and subscribers.

    1. Can people improve investment results by selling puts and calls? The survey results follow:

Possibly 66.7%, Unlikely 8.3%, Yes 25%, No 0%

2. I am interested in seeing posts dealing with puts and calls.

Yes 88.9%, No 11.1 %

As a result, we will continue commenting on puts and calls but we will do so briefly.

Members and subscribers who wrote puts and calls on Novavax (NVAX) at market opening as we mentioned yesterday, October 5, earned $588.00 for each $10,400.00 invested for the week. That works out to 5.65% return for the week (about $60,000 per million per week.)

Here is how they did it:

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