New Year’s Resolution. Yes or No?

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The history of unkept new year’s resolutions is as long as the history of that idea. A resolution needing a change of habit is virtually guaranteed to fail. On the other hand, a resolution consisting of a single act could easily succeed. As an investor, what could that be for you?

Asset Allocation!

If you haven’t done so already, you should sit down with your partner and decide on an asset allocation strategy which is consistent with your risk tolerance and which is based on your time horizon. If you have done so, a review would be useful. 

A 50/50 asset allocation with 50% in stocks and 50% in cash or near-cash is common. It would be appropriate for most investors.

When he was well into his eighties, John Boggle, whose investment philosophy is foundational to the Monday Morning Millionaire Program, maintained a 50/50 asset allocation. He often stated that he was never sure whether he should have more in the market or less. Small variations on the 50/50 will not make a significant difference.

Look up “Asset Allocation” in Wikipedia, a truly remarkable Internet phenomenon. Funded by user donations and written by some 70,000 contributing editor volunteers, it maintains an increasingly high standard of objectivity. Academic journals do not accept Wikipedia references because entries can be easily manipulated but readers can simply go to original articles from which the information derives.  

You can also look up “Asset Allocation” in Investopedia, another remarkable internet phenomenon. Funded by advertisers, this for-profit organization provides thousands of useful definitions but… you will constantly be encouraged to trade. Someone, somewhere is making money from active trading. Who is that? Could it be the agencies that support Investopedia with their advertising? Trading is a losers’ game. (Go to Program and see the Habits of Highly Successful Investors.) 

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