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Hi Monday Morning,

I have very important question regarding Individual Pension Plans. Could someone manage these on his own? I think one will need an actuary to help along with separate accounting but do we really need an investment manager with heavy commissions?

Thanks in advance.

Dr. S.

Monday Morning Millionaire Program Answer:

When you say “actuary” you probably mean “accountant”. Actuaries work with corporate finance departments, banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms in the area of risk management.

We do need advisers such as accountants and lawyers for income tax issues, preparing wills, incorporating, setting up tax-advantaged accounts and more. For investing in Individual Pension Plans over the long term, most investors would be better off without using the services of an investment manager. Their track record is dismal.

Over a 15-years investment horizon, more than 92% of the investment managers failed to outperform the simple act of buying and holding US market index-extracting exchange-traded fund that the Monday Morning Millionaire Program recommends. They charge fees for this poor performance

The professionals in the multitrillion-dollar investment management industry want us to believe that what they do is brain surgery and rocket science and that we cannot do without their help.

We must not fall for it.



Dr. Milan Somborac

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