Mon., Sept. 6. What our fearless, intrepid investor will do when the market opens tomorrow

Thanks to all of you who joined our zoom meeting yesterday. I am happy to speak to anyone who has any questions. (No charge, 705-441-4566)

Now, let us see what our fearless, intrepid investor will do in her “fun” portfolio when the New York Stock Exchange opens tomorrow, September 7, at 9:30 AM. (Today is a market holiday.)

Like most portfolios not investing within the guidelines of the six habits which the Monday Morning program promotes, her “fun” portfolio is not doing well compared to a typical Monday Morning portfolio. (See SPIVA for evidence-based claims.)

Her plan?

She remains interested in writing (selling) covered calls on Novavax (NVAX). Since she was assigned last Friday, September 3, she first needs to buy¬† some NVAX. She decided to buy 1,100 shares. Based on last Friday’s closing price of $251.49, that will cost her $276,639.00. ($251.49 times 1,100)

As you can see below, MorningStar analysts estimate that NVAX is 6% undervalued now.

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Dr. Milan Somborac

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