Latest tested derivatives premiums are exciting!

If you are selling derivatives (always sell and never buy derivatives) as we described in Chapter 8 of Monday Morning Millionaire, take a close look at Novavax (symbol NVAX). If you are not selling derivatives, consider it. Call me at 705-441-4566.

On July 31, 2020, we posted an article describing how our members earned 2% per week during the worst market quarterly drop on record.

Since we wrote that article, our members did even better! Like in the July 31 post, they sold just out-of-the-money covered calls on Novavax (symbol NVAX) on Mondays, expiry date, Fridays of the same week! Their returns went to 5% per week!

Let us put that in context using dollar figures instead of percentages.

Amount invested

Weekly premium expected Annual premium expected
$100,000 $5000 $260,000
$500,000 $25,000


Multiply or divide the above numbers appropriately to fit your personal circumstances.

I feel like a charlatan reporting this sort of premium income. Nevertheless, using Novavax figures for Friday, August 21 as shown at the close of the market on Friday, August 14,  we see the following:

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Dr. Milan Somborac

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