In retirement, you will need $400 a month more than you expected!

Glenn Ruffenach

Writing in the Wall Street Journal on March 30, 2022, the author figures that you will need about $5,000 a year more  in retirement than you expected!

Surprises are a part of life and our budgets need some wiggle room.

An unexpected toothache needing attention, veterinary services to remove the porcupine quills from your dogs face, storm damage to a part of your house, your grown children asking for help – the list is long.

How close is $400 a month or $5,000 a year to being the correct figure? Call it the $400 rule. The accuracy of that number is not as important as budgeting for the unexpected is.

With the habits of the Monday morning program, luck hardly matters.

Good luck!


Dr. Milan Somborac

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