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I am a 65-year-old dentist and was just introduced to MMM by a colleague. I have three sons and I was wondering if it was too late for me to start investing this way. I am certainly interested in advising my children to adopt this formula. I also wanted to know that if I start DIY investing, how do I get my funds from my money manager to ETF’s that I control. Please let me know what you think.

Monday Morning Millionaire Program Answer:

Chicago School of Economics professor Eugene Fama won the Nobel prize in economics for his Efficient Market Hypothesis. The Monday Morning Millionaire Program rests solidly on a foundation of the EMH. Investment scholars universally accept the EMH, although they have different opinions on its details. It is possible but highly unlikely to do better.
At age 65, you easily have 20 years or more to earn, save and invest. Of course, your children could not do any better, either. With youth on their side, they might run fun portfolios in which they try to outperform the market. These should be quite apart from their core portfolios.
Getting your funds into ETFs which you control can be done online, today. If you have a personal relationship with your money manager simply tell him or her to make the transfer. State that you want to eliminate the management fees but that you would like to communicate from time to time and that you wish to be charged on an hourly basis.
You might want to tell your money manager that that I have a $100,000 standing bet open to all money managers, payable by the loser to the winner’s favorite charity if, over the course of a decade, whatever they are recommending, after fees, beats the simple act of holding an exchange-traded fund which mirrors S&P 500 index.
Dr. Milan Somborac

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