I Read 100 Books This Year — Here’s How

On December 18, 2019, Meredith Peterson wrote a how-to article titled I Read 100 Books This Year — Here’s How.

Well, I read about 300 — here’s how in seven easy steps. It only works with ebooks.

To start with the bottom line, one rarely needs to read a book from cover to cover; it is possible to extract a book’s key elements without doing so.

  1. Subscribe to BookBub. It is free. Alternatively, buy ebooks that interest you from any other source.
  2. In BookBub, enter the subjects which interest you.
  3. Select and set up a payment system that is convenient for you. It will allow you to pay for your books with one keystroke. The books from BookBub will cost you no more than a cup of coffee.
  4. Get the free Kindle app from the App Store or get a physical Kindle reader.
  5. From the daily email which BookBub sends you, select the ebooks which interest you.
  6. From the books which you download, go to Popular Highlights. These are the book’s key elements that other readers highlighted. Popular Highlights appear about an hour or so after you download the book.
  7. After that, read a review of the book from the New York Review of Books or Goodreads.

You will have the book’s key elements in less than one hour. You will have the same information that you would get by reading a book from cover to cover, a process that usually takes a minimum of eight hours.  Reading War and Peace takes longer.

This seven-step process works well with non-fiction.

Poetry? Well, to savor poetry, we do need to read it from cover to cover.

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