How wise is holding only the S&P 500 index in your portfolio?

Your answer to holding only the S&P 500 index in your portfolio was good. Thanks Milan.

When being bombarded with financial services marketing the average investor needs to be reminded of the MMM philosophy.

The one chart in Ben’s post that I found interesting/surprising was the one showing inflation adjusted returns of the S&P500 over longer time periods.  I realize he was cherry-picking the dates but there were some longer periods where returns were very low.  This is where the investors faith in the process and patience is so important.  And realizing that you are buying the market “on sale” during these periods.
Ben mentioned on his podcast recently that he has been researching market returns during the time periods following recessions and market downturns similar to what we are experiencing now.  The numbers are pretty good.  So we have that to look forward to!
I love this stuff!  Take care.
Dr. Milan Somborac

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