How will Biden’s presidency influence the stock market?

From Reagan to Trump: S&P 500 in the first 1,006 trading days of each presidency

  • Ronald Raegan        +25%
  • George H. W. Bush +50%
  • Bill Clinton               + 75%
  • George W. Bush        -13%
  • Barack Obama          +83%
  • Donald Trump          +67%

You can read a detailed, 14-page report on this subject and come away no wiser. This is the most common result of reading most financial information. But if you study the report carefully, you would be popular at cocktail party conversations when these resume.

On Friday, October 30, we asked our members whether they thought that the outcome of the American presidential election would influence the stock market.

  • Yes                 53.6%
  • No                  28.6%
  • Maybe           10.7%
  • I don’t know  7.1%

For details on this issue, see the October 26, 2020, Kiplinger Newsletter article titled How Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market by Anne Kates Smith and Kyle Woodley.

However, as 28.6% of our members stated, it never mattered much which party won the White House in the past when it comes to your portfolios. Simply stay with six habits of the Monday Morning Program the  and prosper.

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