How to apply practical wisdom to cryptocurrencies

Recently, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times ¬†published close to 4,000 words on cryptocurrencies. That does not take into account what Barron’s, The Washington Post, Forbes, the British The Times and other high-impact papers had to say on the subject. Add to that the hours and hours that talking heads dealt with the issue recently; you could spend the rest of the year going over the material.

Practical wisdom is the right way to do the right thing. You would gain no practical wisdom from the above.

If investors cannot explain a security to a 12-year-old they should not buy into it. (Habit number six – avoid complexity.)

Avoiding cryptocurrencies and all that is stated about them is practical wisdom.

With the habits of the Monday Morning Program, luck hardly matters.

Good luck!






Dr. Milan Somborac

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