How to amass a fortune predicting the market

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Have you heard of Steve Sjuggerud? Apparently, a very astute stock market player who has amassed a fortune predicting various points in the market over the last 20-30 years. He claims to have built a special algorithm to determine the market top.

Monday Morning Millionaire Program Answer:

We apologize for our delayed answer. Your question was buried together with a lot of other material.

Stansberry Research is an investment advisory organization that publishes several investment newsletters. Steve Sjuggerud is the founder of True Wealth which is one of these. In November 2003, the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Stansberry of fraud. The court found Stansberry guilty; the appeal was denied.

Many who head advisory organizations make a fortune by being convincing enough with their marketing that they build up a large following. Followers pay fees.


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