How the economic machine works – a video by Ray Dalio

We will start all our reviews with the statement that there is a website doing excellent book reviews which enthusiastic readers will find useful. We can neither add to or improve on it. We will review books which that website does not, books which primarily are of historical interest for investors. In addition, we will review interesting and relevant academic papers, magazine and newspaper articles, interviews and videos.

Today’s review is an example.

Actually, it is more in the nature of a testimonial than a review. We recommend Ray Dalio’s video How the Economic Machine Works. We add our voice to those of Ben Bernanke (former chairman of the Federal Reserve), Paul Volker (another former chairman of the Federal Reserve), Andrew Ross Sorkin (Financial columnist for the New York Times), Larry Summers (economist and former president of Harvard), Bill Gates another equally significant individuals many of whom have been on the cover of Time magazine as the most influential people the year.

Follow the link below for what could well be the best half hour that you could spend this year on the subject of economic principles.

Dr. Milan Somborac

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