How our fearless, intrepid investor did yesterday, August 9, 2021 plus a winning derivatives strategy

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Next, here is what our fearless, intrepid investor did yesterday, August 9, and the result at the end of the day.

Since her 1,700 shares were called away last Friday, she  bought  1,700 shares of Novavax (NVAX) for a total of $314,599.

She then sold 17 NVAX covered call contracts, further out of the money  to take advantage of $3.00 per share possible growth, expiry date, Friday, August 13. (C 13AUG21 200.00)

She received $9,656.00 in premium income immediately. As it happens, the market dropped yesterday, but NVAX went up, and she earned $3.00 times 1,700 = $5,100 in addition to the immediate premium income.

100 pure luck!

Here is the safest, most reliable way to enhance investment returns using covered calls.

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