How can I spot misleading information about investing?

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Every day, an enormous amount of new information about securities comes at investors. It it like drinking water from a fire hydrant.

Unfortunately, misleading information about investing is produced even faster. Much of the time, it is a shameless effort to gain access to innocent investors’ wallets. Misleading information can have serious consequences for our investments.

Over the long run, it is nearly impossible to improve on the results that investors can easily get by practising the six habits of Monday morning Millionaires.

Boring but effective. Paul Samuelson’s watching grass grow or paint dry.

Fama’s “Your money is like a bar of soap. The more you handle it, the less you’ll have.”

The next time you see an investment suggestion, verify it before you act on it.

Here is a checklist:

• Ask us at the Monday Morning Program. The Monday Morning program encourages passive index investing by buying an exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500. (SPY Is an excellent example.) Over the course of a market cycle, this approach outperforms more than 95% of portfolios.
• See what Morningstar has to say any individual security.
• See what Social Sciences Research Network has to say about any individual method (not individual security).
In our posts, we have frequently stated: “With the habits of Monday Morning Millionaires, luck hardly matters”.

Good luck!

We have designed the Monday Morning Millionaire Program to offer abstracted investment education. Over the last two decades, the program has outperformed over 90% of portfolios, including professionally managed ones.

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Dr. Milan Somborac

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