Financial Market History: Reflections on the Past for Investors Today

I recently communicated with Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge asking for permission to use some of his published material and he directed me to the book the cover of which you see above. He is one of its editors.

It is a comprehensive reference book for investors, stock market historians, and academics. You can buy it for $40 from Amazon or get the Kindle version at no charge from, courtesy of CFA Research Foundation, University of Cambridge. (Not available fromĀ The book contains works from 22 financial experts who met on July 2015 at a workshop at the Cambridge Judge Business School. Search any financial subject — British, American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian markets, railroads, gold, bonds, stock market investing, higher risk investing — any economic subject and you will get an expert’s perspective stretching back 116 years!

Many seasoned investors have understood that learning from our financial past can be of significant benefit. The book is priceless. The ebook price is right.



Dr. Milan Somborac

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