Drive faster, get there sooner, face greater risk of accident!

As soon as you find a way to journey through life risk-free, please call me, and I promise to do the same for you.

The stock market is especially good at highlighting the relationship between risk and reward.

Here is a statement which you have heard before. “Look around the poker table; if you can’t see the sucker, you are the sucker.”

It is no secret that the average investor, professional or not, significantly underperforms the market over an extended period.

Professionals who manage other people’s money, certainly know how to equal the market but they do have to buy groceries and pay the rent. After subtracting their fees from portfolio performance, few equal the market.

Who is the sucker?

Retail investors (amateurs) jump into the market when it is high and expensive, and run from the market when it is low, and bargains abound.

Who is the sucker?

Feeling insecure, many investors buy mutual funds so that professionals manage their savings.

From 1983 to 2013, the stock market as represented by S&P 500, earned over 1,102% after expenses. The average mutual fund investor earned 239%! The results for any 30 year period would be comparable.

Who is the sucker?

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