Do you play games like chess, bridge, poker or checkers? October 7, 2022 survey results

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Also, thank you to all members who took the time to respond to our Friday, October 7 survey about games and our apologies for the late report on the outcome.

You can see our survey results below.

Do you play games like chess, bridge, poker or checkers?

I play some of these games regularly.


I play some of these games occasionally.


I never play any of these games.


You can you read some worthwhile comments below.

Darla Yeoman said:
“It’s trying to ind the time that is the issue in playing these games! But I love playing them all!”

fred der said:
“Ortho treatment is similar to what you talk about. ”

Michael Remenyi said:

“Understand the benefits, not just for the developing but also for the aging brain. Like playing music. ”

Jim Miles said:
“Also Spec Tennis, Pickleball and Squash”

Robert Brissette said: “Weekly poker”

Myron Moskalyk said: “Backgammon”

Milan Somborac said:
“I would gladly spend a year in jail if there was another chess player there with me.”

Dr. Milan Somborac

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