Do you currently own or lease an electric vehicle (EV)? March 25, 2022 Survey results

Time is an irreplaceable resource. Our sincere gratitude to all members who took the time to respond to our Friday, March 25 survey about electric vehicles (EVs).

An important issue which this survey does not explore is the safety of EVs. EVs don’t have an engine in the front that can be pushed into the driver during a frontal collision. Rather, they have a crumple zone that absorbs much of that impact.

A while ago, a friend driving a Ford Edge, a mid-size crossover SUV, collided with a Tesla. My friend sustained seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone and other injuries. The Tesla driver walked away.

Tesla representative can tell many similar stories.

You can see our survey results below.

Do you currently own or lease an electric vehicle (EV)?



No, but I plan to get one.


I am staying with the internal combustion engine (ICE).


You can you read some worthwhile comments below.

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