All the news that is fit to print, plus some not so fit

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All the news that is fit to print (thank you, N.Y. Times), plus some not so fit…

Our Canadian member, Peter Riordan DDS, recently sent the following link

It leads to an article in the Globe and Mail, seen by many as Canada’s newspaper of record.

The headline is Why Canadian investors should stop buying US-listed ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Newspaper columnists are expected to produce a given number of words regularly even when there is nothing to say. This article is a perfect example.

It talks about the origin of exchange-traded funds, (yes, they did originate in Canada), the large numbers of ETFs, their connections to various industries and so on. It mentions only one possible reason why Canadians should not buy US-listed ETFs; they would need to convert the weaker Canadian dollars to the stronger US dollars.

And why is the US dollar stronger?

The Globe and Mail headline should read Why Canadian investors should be buying US-listed ETFs.

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