A new perspective. Rebalance and benefit.

The S&P 500, as represented by SPY  in the chart above, has dropped about 5% over the last week. How do savvy investors take advantage of such drops?

This is a good time to enact habit number five of the six habits of Monday Morning Millionaires.

No matter what the market does from here on, simply rebalancing to your personal asset allocation will likely outperform over 90% of portfolios over the next 20 years as it has done over more than 20 years in the past.

The Monday Morning Millionaire Program was designed to offer compressed investment convictions. Over the last two decades, the program has outperformed over 90% of portfolios, including professionally managed ones.

The program does not provide any investment advice or endorsements.

With fewer than 200 words, members can read this post in less than five minutes. Following and studying the links imbedded in these posts would take longer. How members manage a post depends on their level of interest and investing knowledge.

Dr. Milan Somborac

The Monday Morning Millionaire Program supports do-it-yourself (DIY) investors which I have been for over 50 years. About my team and me

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