7/4/2021 update on our fearless, intrepid investor plus visibility

Last Monday, August 2, by 9:33 AM, our fearless, intrepid investor’s order to sell 17 just out-of-the-money contracts on Novavax (NVAX) strike price, $195.00, expiry date this coming Friday, August 6, was filled.

The closing bid/ask range for those calls last Friday, August 30, was $11.950/$12.80, so she expected to collect about $12.00 times 1,700, or $20,400 in premiums.  She collected $10.80 per share. That totaled $18,328.66 in premium income after commissions. It took three minutes to complete the transaction in her “fun” portfolio! (It is not much fun at this time.)

When she was in dental practice, she needed more than two weeks to net that kind of money. She plans to stay with this program, hoping to cover her losses that she incurred by buying NVAX at the top of the market. Like all Monday Morning program members should, she does not buy individual securities in her core portfolio.

Now, I would like to deal with the issue of  the visibility of a business. Most Monday Morning members are dentists, optometrists and veterinarians. All could benefit from good visibility.

How visible are you?

Do an Internet search in which you enter the name of your practice (business) and the name of your community and see what you get. If you are not somewhere near the top of the first page, you will benefit from search engine optimization.

Visit Marketing Metrology.  It is run by my son Stefan who has a mechanical engineering degree, an MBA earned on scholarship, and who has received a Google Product Expert designation. See what you can do.

(If you are not into self-promotion or promotion of kin, you and kin will get no promotion, hence this shameless post.)

Greater visibility for your practice might be valuable.

Best wishes!


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