4 New Ways to Make Investing More Exciting

Natalie Smith BSc, MBA, Monday Morning Marketing Director

Finding your investment strategy a bit dull and looking for more? You’re not alone. Paul Samuelson’s watch-grass-grow or watch-paint-dry approach to stock market investing isn’t the most exciting, regardless of the fact that for most investors, it IS the evidence-based strategy for long-term success. Many of our members, who are now confident in managing their own investments, are looking to supplement their more stable investments with some active investing or increase their knowledge base beyond long-term investing strategies.

To ensure that Monday Morning Millionaire is your go-to-resource for investing, we are updating the website to give our members and subscribers even MORE resources. The website now has a tab titled “Latest”, which has four sections to meet all of your investing needs including one with comments on active investing. Check them out below!

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Dr. Milan Somborac

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