Why do I buy subscriptions for friends, family and vip clients?

Why do I buy subscriptions for friends, family and vip clients?

Timothy Brown


For Christmas, I persuaded my father to buy all his grandchildren a lifetime membership to the Monday Morning Millionaire.

As part of my ongoing gifting, I buy subscriptions for very important friends and other family members.

I have even bought some subscriptions for VIP clients who are in the midst of their careers and have a portfolio that has quite frankly got them stymied. Many of them express severe dissatisfaction with the investment advisor community who has been churning and burning their portfolios for years, while making handsome fees, only to return less than a 12-year-old or a monkey can make throwing darts or using the S&P 500 exchange-traded fund indexes.

I get great satisfaction from buying lifetime memberships for the Monday Morning Millionaire, knowing that if the recipient should actually listen to and follow the six principles and the fundamentals of the habits of highly successful investors, they would do much better for themselves. I gain no financial rewards from this whatsoever. And I never plan to or ever will, as the successor to Dr. Milan Somborac.

A few of my friends and family members have actually listened in the early stages and all are reporting peace of mind, growing returns as compared to their previous efforts, regardless of who advised them, and most importantly, they trust in me and they trust in the belief system of the habits of the Monday Morning Millionaire, which has been professed by many other successful people before us.

There is really nothing new here, ladies and gentlemen. It is proven, it is effective and it is time tested.

Dr. Milan Somborac

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