Our 1-on-1 are one-hour zoom sessions in which we show you how to outperform over 95% of portfolios over a market cycle (peak to trough to peak), including professionally managed ones. Look at what previous participants have said:


“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for my investing. I only wish I would have had our session 30 years ago! It would have saved me $45,000 in fees just this year alone!”
 – John T. Green DDS, MAGD, Dayton, Ohio


“One of my best investment decisions in 2019 was to take the 1-on-1 program. It taught me more in one hour than all the 40 years plus that I’ve been in the market.”
 – John Giffen, Real Estate Consultant


1-on-1 Session

$C300 per session

For a more Personal approach

  • Individual one hour, one-on-one sessions dealing with any investment subject
  • Includes full access to Monday Morning Millionaire Content for 1 year