How to optimize your asset allocation for best results

Two facts here: Investing in the market in the short term is risky. Investing in the market appropriately in the long term is safe and effective. Holding cash in the short term is safe and effective. Holding cash in the long term is risky – guaranteed loss of purchasing power. Now, the details: We frequently […]

Better asset allocation leads to improved portfolio.

  On January 15, 2018, we wrote about a new year’s resolution suggesting that deciding on an asset allocation would be worthwhile. As your mindset becomes increasingly aligned with the MMM approach to investing, you will see that there is no such a thing as a bad year. When markets tank, as they regularly do, […]

Effective, evidence-based management of what intelligent investors can control. Article 2. ASSET ALLOCATION

Stock-picking is a much better choice for interesting cocktail party conversation but index investing and asset allocation have always been the most important factors for worry-free, effective investing. Writing in his justly renowned book The Battle for Investment Survival, published over 80 years ago, Gerald Loeb says: “It is far better to let cash lie […]

Buy and hold, asset allocation, rebalancing

  One of the Monday Morning Millionaire Program members’ habits is to buy and hold. There is no evidence to show that market timing is useful. Another one of the members’ habits is to rebalance to a personal asset allocation when the market goes either up or down by a certain percentage. What is that percentage? […]

Variable asset allocation

  We emphasize in our blogs that, over the long term, a properly selected U.S. index Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), one that tracks the S & P 500, held in tax-advantaged account, has been the investor’s best way for growing savings and is likely to remain so for many years. Simple to set up, simple to […]